Owl's Landing
Bed & Breakfast
of Cooperstown

Green Lodging Partnership 

Owl's Landing Bed & Breakfast is proud to be a part of the Green Lodging Partnership sponsored by the Otsego Land Trust.  Caring for the land and water that is around us is a part of who we are. 
When you vacation here, you can swim, paddle sparkling lakes, streams and rivers.  You can hike beautiful woodlands, bike along charming country roads, buy fresh local food at farmers' markets and small family farms, hunt, fish, and see eagles and other wildlife in their pristine natural habitats. 
 Owl's Landing supports the Otsego Land Trust in its effort to protect and manage thousands of acres as well as it's on going effort to make the land and water accessible to the public for recreation, enjoyment and appreciation.  By staying with with at Owl's Landing Bed & Breakfast, you, too are helping to make a difference.  Owl's Landing operates utilizing sustainable practices that are good for our environment.  On behalf of our guests, Owl's Landing makes a monetary contribution to the Otsego Land Trust as a Green Lodging Partner to ensure the future of this region for our residents and visitors.

Here is how Owl's Landing works to do its part for the environment:
1. We actively recycle materials and encourage guests to leave recyclable  items with us.
2. We compost vegetable and fruit scraps and other food items in a compost bin 
3. We utilize the compost in our vegetable garden, where everything is organically grown,       including items for guest meals such as raspberries, zucchini,  tomatoes and peppers.  
4. We purchase and provide Eco-friendly toiletry items for our guests.
5. We actively promote the fresh, great tasting water we have  that is naturally filtered by the hills surrounding us. We provide Owl's Landing reusable water bottles to guests, so they can take the great taste with them as they go about their day, instead of purchasing bottled ater, which adds enormous amounts of plastic into the environment. 
6. We care for and maintain over 30 acres of forest on our property.
7. We promote healthy exercise and an appreciation of nature to all who stay at Owl's Landing by maintaining over 3 miles of hiking trails on our forested lands. 
8. We have changed out original  light bulbs to energy efficient lighting. 
9. We have added bottom door strips and replaced many of our old windows to minimize heat loss in the cold winter months, helping us to better efficiently use our oil and electric supplies. 

We continue to look at new ways in which we can be a good partner in ensuring the health of our land and water for future generations.  We are so glad you chose to stay with us!