Owl's Landing
Bed & Breakfast
of Cooperstown

About Us

Yes- there really is an owl behind the name, Owl's Landing Bed & Breakfast!

We made the decision to move to Cooperstown from our home in the Buffalo, NY area to start a bed & breakfast.  After a long search of homes for months,  we came upon our home on a tour and saw the potential.  We had a lot to think about....  
We came back for a second visit soon after .   Standing by what is now our barn at dusk and contemplating whether we should bid on the property,  a Great Horned Owl suddenly and silently landed on the fence about 10 feet away.  What an amazing, startling site!  Looking back we feel he was instrumental in connecting us to our home - we feel he landed as a sign telling us this was "the one" and our lives are about to change.   We are so glad we listened to that owl!  Owl's Landing Bed & Breakfast became a reality less than a year later.

We know first-hand how special Cooperstown is, having had our honeymoon here years ago and coming back numerous times with our sons.   Cooperstown is the perfect combination of culture, history, romance, dramatic landscapes outdoor enjoyment and yes, Baseball!   It is our privilege to be your hosts as you explore this very special region that we love so much.   Welcome to our home!

Darryl & Patricia Szarpa
Owl's Landing Bed & Breakfast
  of Cooperstown